Next time you drop by Baguio, don’t forget to visit the newest art haven, the Pasa-Kalye creative hub.  

Baguio creative people led by veteran artist Roland Bay-an want to promote this area not only to showcase their work but to bring art closer to the masses and to establish it as a new travel destination in the City.
This activity jump-started when Bookends Bookshop’s owner reserved part of her shop for an art gallery. Artists whose artworks were displayed in the gallery started sketching activities for the purpose of helping people in need. This sketch-for-a-cause soon gave birth to more ideas and activities.
Bookends proprietress Maricar Docyogen said, “Pasa-Kalye was conceptualized by artists, an entrepreneur, and several media personalities with the Tagalog connotation or meaning in mind.”
“It is the “pasakalye” or introduction of a new concept to make an idle street busy with art, or an introduction to new artists who have potential in the industry. Divide the word into two giving a different meaning: the prefix ‘pasa’ can also mean ‘into’  thus ‘pasa-kalye’ would mean ‘into the street,’ she said.
Into the streets with arts, and like the pasakalye in music, this is a harmonious beginning among artists. Roland Bay-an said it is a good beginning. He believes this activity will continue to grow.
All current activities are being done for a cause. Art auctions, art exhibits, sketching, and workshops have designated beneficiaries. Several sick patients have already received assistance.
One Pasa-Kalye event benefited a limbless artist. In spite of the absence of forearms and legs, he can create artworks using both his elbows to hold the paintbrush. However, due to budget constraints as art materials are not the priority in the family, he only has limited artworks. Through the Pasa-Kalye event sponsored by Davies Paints and other generous donors, he now has supplies of paints, canvas, and paintbrushes. The Pasa-Kalye Group of Artists included his artworks in exhibits.
Although many of the beginning artists are yet to find recognition for their work, they are willing to share their time and talents to help people in need. “This activity is most beneficial for the artists,” said Docyogen. “If we can help the artists, they can have the capability to help others.”
“We are creating this event to help the artists and help people in need at the same time,” she said. Pasa-Kalye has a regular weekend activity. “We invite tourists coming to Baguio to consider a sketch by Baguio artists as one of the best souvenirs to bring home,” said Docyogen.
Baguio city is a known haven for artists and many international artists have made this known Summer Capital their home. Many of the local artists have established Art institutions. Tam-awan Village, BenCab Museum, and Vocas are among the most successful to date.