About Us

Portrait Asia is a lifestyle blog. This site features the region’s culture, tourism, and lifestyle. It tells the constantly in motion first-hand stories of people in Asia and the awesome adventurers who came to search for new experiences and found themselves instead.

Many of our practices have become leading influences in many cultures worldwide. Philosophy, meditation, arts, food, agriculture, fashion, music, and many more. It is our aim to feature many of these practices, beliefs, and traditions as experience them in our travels.

Join us as we rediscover what makes this continent unique and unforgettable.

Portrait Asia is based in the City of Baguio, once called the Summer Capital of the Philippines during the American occupation at the start of the 20th Century, now a bustling small city surrounded by mines, agricultural mountainscapes, and tourist attractions – a melting pot of culture and center of education and tourism.

Unless otherwise stated, most articles are written and/or edited by Carl Cariño Taawan, a freelance journalist and photographer who loves adventures and travel on two wheels. One of his pastimes is to drink coffee with the elders listening to their colorful stories.

email: portraitasia@gmail.com