Having heard of the biggest floating library, what came to my mind was classic books that are hard to find at the National bookstore or the City Library. Bit disappointed when I saw that it was but a bookstore. But I was surprised to see the prices are very much cheaper than the local bookstores. Coming here wasn’t a lose after all. The only problem was I did not bring enough money to buy the books I want.

The friendly crews came from more than 45 countries and everyone is very much willing to pose for a photo.

The 20.00 entrance fee is a bargain as there are more than 5,000 book titles on board and a chance to board a ship that is travelling thousands of miles to bring books to people in need.

The tour starts with a brief orientation and introduction to the purpose of the ship followed by the itinerary. Sadly, there are many noisy children making it hard to understand the speaker.

So while the crew speak, I started taking pictures around. 
For those who love books, going around the book fair is an ecstatic experience. Your only wish perhaps is to be there alone to be able to freely browse around. I tried to find the new novel by Dan Brown titled Inferno but no luck. Not a single Dan Brown can be found. I guess perhaps it’s because the ship is being operated by a Christian Charitable organization and they consider Dan Brown’s novels as blasphemous.
With so many people, you can’t even go back to the shelf you first visited if you decide to go back for a book. Many of the visitors are just there for curiosity’s sake and they leave the place empty handed.
But your sorry-feeling is cured by the smile of the gorgeous and friendly crews. And here’s one of my manongs who came with us smiling sweetly with his purchase beside a gorgeous cashier.

And some of the crews are not only friendly but humorous. Perhaps they apply what they read, some sort of abnormal psychology. 🙂

After the book fair, you pass through the “Journey of Life”, the story of the prodigal son who returned home and how the story was interpreted by the Logos Hope.

Then here comes the theater filled with bored, disinterested people sitting with their backs on the screen that is showing the purpose of the Logos Hope and the story behind the floating book fair. I only wish they have understood the great story being told of a ship that traveled thousands of miles just to bring them affordable books to read.

Them comes the International cafe. International in a sense that the crews came from different nationalities.

There aren’t much choice of foods and drinks though but this is the place where many of the visitors are so much interested in. The line here is longer than that at the book fair counter.

Not so much interested with popcorn and ice cream, we went around to take few more pictures before heeding home with our new books.

From La Union, the Logos Hope will travel to Palawan for a 3-week stay before proceeding to Malaysia. When the ship returns, I’ll be waiting with enough money to purchase as many books as I want.

For more info about the Logos Hope, click here.